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Top 10 Freeware
SafeIP – Protects Online Identity
JAP / JonDo 00.18.001
Surf the web without being observed
WampServer 3.1.3
Apache, PHP5, MySQL database package
MySQL Workbench 8.0.12 Build 133112926
Database design application that lets you design, manage, and document your database scheme
XAMPP 7.2.5-0
Easy to use Apache distribution
Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.4.32
Most popular web servers to date
Apache Solr 7.5.0
Fast paced open source search platform for enterprise use
Enables you to obtain a server port
Latest Updates
Xftp Free 6.0 Build 0095
A robust, free FTP and SFTP client that enables you to upload and download files from public and personal websites
Xftp 6.0 Build 0095
Move your important files and folders to a secured server effortlessly with this powerful and efficient file transfer application
LedgerSMB 1.6.6
Accounting tool that can come in handy.
Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) 7.46
A feature-rich server that allows you to access your computer from a remote location
DBeauty 8.0.2
Great tool for relational data browsing
Database .NET Free 25.9.6862
An intuitive and powerful multiple database management tool with a few handy features
Visual Importer Enterprise
Build high performance data integration solutions with a little help from this professional and powerful application
BulletProof FTP Server 2018.0.0.48
A reliable FTP server equipped with all RFC-959 features
Licas 6.15
A handy and convenient lightweight framework that allows you to create and work with your own server
Node.js 10.12.0
Put your network applications together quickly and easily with this handy and efficient java based framework
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Mountain Duck 2.4.1 Build 9346
A small and simple application that lets you easily mount all major types of servers as local disks
35 / 734
88.9 Mb
Firebase Admin 1.0.1
Manage large numbers of Firebase databases with ease
6 / 664
53.1 Mb
ChrisPC Free Anonymous Proxy 6.65
Surf the web anonymously via a proxy Internet connection with this friendly application
5 / 605
4.5 Mb
PyroBatchFTPServer Edition 3.16
Automatically transfer files to a FTP or SFTP server using scripts
6 / 567
3.3 Mb
CodeTwo Exchange Migration
Seamlessly migrate data between multiple Exchange servers
7 / 733
22.1 Mb
CodeTwo Office 365 Migration
Migrate your mailbox in a simple manner from Exchange Server, Gmail or Google Apps to Office 365
6 / 660
34.1 Mb
WebDrive 2017 Build 4562
Quickly access cloud drives, by mapping a drive letter to FTP, FrontPage or WebDAV servers
11 / 829
38.6 Mb
ServerMask 5.0.2
Mask the activity of your IIS web server as an additional layer of security
5 / 658
11.7 Mb
Database Tour
An efficient application designed to help you manage numerous types of databases
8 / 1,185
5.5 Mb
Rumpus 8.1.18
An efficient tool that lets you create a FTP server on your computer
7 / 1,339
10 Mb
DBF Recovery 4.17
Fix damaged or corrupted DBF files with this reliable application
5 / 713
0.82 Mb
GraphDB Free 8.4.0
An efficient and reliable database utility that helps you manage large RDF type databases
10 / 845
128 Mb
Alternate FTP 2.350
Upload and download files and folders to your FTP servers with this simple utility
9 / 863
1.5 Mb
QueueExplorer Standard 4.2.8
Easily send, receive, monitor and manage network messages using Microsoft Message Queuing
7 / 816
12.5 Mb
QueueExplorer Professional 4.2.9
A feature-rich solution to effectively manage multiple MSMQ servers and outgoing messages
7 / 911
12.4 Mb
Nginx 1.12.2
A versatile application that can work as a mail proxy server, a HTTP and reverse proxy server and a generic TCP proxy server
30 / 882
1.4 Mb
WinModbus 1.1r12
A small Modbus Slave/Server simulator that can be used to decode messages, setup reply data and view message traffic
33 / 666
0.3 Mb
DbMouse 6.4.0 Revision fee344e
View and edit multiple databases, with the possibility to open several connections simultaneously
7 / 653
16.5 Mb
ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro 7.60
Establish an Internet connection via proxy to safeguard your privacy while browsing the web
11 / 1,062
3.32 Mb
Database Compare 1.0
Analyze two SQL Server databases to see items missing from one the other
7 / 687
0.04 Mb