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New Software
Shallot 1.2.4325
Manage directories and files on your computer and modify, delete or add new attributes
DefProf 1.11
Command-line utility that enables you to create a default user profile, which will share its settings and documents with every new account that is created
Launch threads in the background that eat up CPU in order to test Process Lasso's ProBalance technology, and set the runtime, total number of threads, and target CPUs
UltraSurf 19.02
Secure your Internet browsing sessions by using a solid proxy connection
Chatty 0.9.5
A full-featured Twitch chat client that allows simultaneous channel connections and enables you to communicate with other users outside your browser
Red Button
Red Button 5.1
Optimize your computer by removing junk and unnecessary components, clean your Internet tracks and protect your privacy by literally pressing a button
Create family trees that can keep track of all the descendants and ancestors
PRTG Network Monitor
PRTG Network Monitor
Monitor your network traffic with a powerful web-based interface
Week's Best
Trackpad++ Driver and Control Module
Trackpad++ Driver and Control Module 3.6
The only alternate driver for Apple’s Multitouch Trackpad for Windows
1,168 / 817,235
Power Plan Assistant
Power Plan Assistant 3.2e
The world's smartest power management tool
326 / 444,599
Microsoft Security Essentials & ForeFront Client Security Definition Updates
Microsoft Security Essentials & ForeFront Client Security Definition Updates February 20, 2019
Protects your computer from any kinds of malware, virus, Trojans and spyware.
324 / 565,709
Astah Community
Astah Community 7.2.0
Create UML and other types of diagrams with this modern and friendly tool
228 / 9,717
NetCut 2.1.4
ARP Protocol kernel Tester
201 / 1,023,101
Delphi 7 Enterprise
Delphi 7 Enterprise 7
Borland DelphiTM 7 Studio Enterprise
190 / 205,455
ExtraMagic 1.4
Alternate Windows driver for Apple Magic Trackpad with 3/4 Finger Gestures support & more
130 / 61,730
Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device
Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device 2.70
Realtek ATI HDMI Audio Device driver
127 / 186,623
JW Player
JW Player 7.2.2
A Flash and HTML 5 video player for the web
124 / 126,375
GMABooster 2.1b
Boost performance on your Intel Graphic Card
124 / 285,204
Avast Virus Definitions
Avast Virus Definitions February 20, 2019
Latest avast! virus signatures
121 / 612,696
Tron Script
Tron Script 10.7.5
Run multiple Windows scripts and apps that cleanup, disinfect and speed-up your computer
100 / 453
Unlocker 1.9.2
Get rid of already in use errors
100 / 39,474
Tails 3.12
An operating system that you boot from your DVD or thumb drive to protect your privacy and anonymity.
94 / 384
Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool February 20, 2019
Virus scanner and detection software
92 / 130,316