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Top 10 Freeware
SafeIP – Protects Online Identity
JAP / JonDo 00.18.001
Surf the web without being observed
WampServer 3.1.3
Apache, PHP5, MySQL database package
MySQL Workbench 6.3.9 Build 10690321
Database design application that lets you design, manage, and document your database scheme
XAMPP 7.2.5-0
Easy to use Apache distribution
Apache HTTP Server for Windows 2.4.32
Most popular web servers to date
Apache Solr 7.3.1
Fast paced open source search platform for enterprise use
Enables you to obtain a server port
Latest Updates
SymmetricDS 3.9.9
Customizable database synchronization solution.
An easy-to-use interface and a working-horse for web-developers.
Smart Print Pro 1.23.3
Your lists and items can now be printed, converted to PDF or emailed with just one click!
DBeauty 7.10
Great tool for relational data browsing
Node.js 10.5.0
Put your network applications together quickly and easily with this handy and efficient java based framework
Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) 7.43
A feature-rich server that allows you to access your computer from a remote location
Dbvisit Replicate 2.9.06
Create a duplicate for your Oracle database with this program.
SQLBackupAndFTP 11.7.1
A powerful application that lets you run scheduled backups of SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases
Visual Importer Enterprise
Build high performance data integration solutions with a little help from this professional and powerful application
A RADIUS server that lets you save session and event logs
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OraLoader 5.7 Release 1 Build 18051
A robust piece of software that allows you to import and export Oracle databases to or from Excel and flat files
10 / 562
9 Mb
XlsToMy 3.3 Release 1 Build 18051
A functional solution for importing Excel spreadsheet data into MySQL databases
10 / 540
7.7 Mb
GSA Proxy Scraper 2.44
A robust application that enables you to scan, collect, find and test proxies from all over the world
27 / 609
32 Mb
AndroMouse Server 6.3
A small piece of software that allows you to use your Android smartphone as a mouse to control your computer
36 / 1,236
0.62 Mb
Automatic copying of files from hard drives to removable disk.
14 / 488
1.06 Mb
Run of process on behalf of other user.
9 / 494
0.01 Mb
Multinotepad for storage text, graphic, audio and file records
13 / 464
5.44 Mb
quickSMTP 0.0.4
Fast and easy to manage POP3 and SMTP server for Windows with nice interface
11 / 404
21.87 Mb
Screen virtual pixel ruler for a desktop.
19 / 493
1.9 Mb
3T MongoChef Core 4.5.5
An intuitive and practical application that lets you manage MongoDB databases
40 / 890
105 Mb
Perform visual monitoring of network traffic of all network interfaces present in the system
15 / 527
1.18 Mb
DB Query Analyzer 7.024
Quickly resolve queries in the selected database, with this tool which provides you with the means to connect to the server and author SQL scripts
13 / 430
3.1 Mb
copSSH 5.4.21
A simple tool that allows you to remotely access and control computers
18 / 473
14.5 Mb
32bit FTP 18.04.01
A FTP client that bundles numerous configuration options
19 / 544
1.5 Mb
A reliable Citrix alternative that allows you to Web-enable your desktop applications
16 / 888
118 Mb
Mongoclient 2.1.0
Monitor your MongoDB databases, get related statistics, manage user privileges, and more
18 / 551
125 Mb
CompleteFTP 11.0.2
A reliable FTP client with support for FTP, FTPS and SFTP connections
16 / 559
31.2 Mb
Happytime RTSP Server 2.6
Easily host a RTSP server on your computer
14 / 738
15.3 Mb
DBGlass 0.1.0 Beta 6
Manage PostgreSQL database content with ease
20 / 638
71.2 Mb
Sqlectron 1.29.0
A simple application that lets you edit and manage PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases
41 / 659
45.7 Mb