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Top 10 Freeware
Adobe Acrobat Reader 1901020099
View and print PDF files
Nokia Suite 3.8.54
The one and only Nokia desktop application
Apache 4.1.6
Open Source alternative to Microsoft Office
WinDjView 2.1
Fast, compact and powerfull DjVu viewer
Nokia PC Suite
Free applications for Nokia phones
SQL-Splitter: splitting large SQL files
Astah Community (Astah UML) 8.1
Create UML and other types of diagrams with this modern and friendly tool
MDB Viewer Plus 2.63
A viewer plus an editor for Access MDB files
Create PDF files from any printable document
Foxit Reader 9.5.0 Build 20723
PDF document viewer
Latest Updates
StockMarketEye 5.0.5
Monitor multiple watchlists and portfolios to stay informed with the latest modifications in market shares
Navicat for MySQL 12.1.19
Easily Create Access to MySQL Conversion
ClipboardFusion 5.6
Saves and scrubs clipboard text for later use
Office Timeline 3.62.13
A handy add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint that lets you easily add beautiful, customizable timelines to your presentations
Keep track of your personal time with this super convenient and easy to use application
EarthTime 5.21.1
World Clock
Enterprise Phone Server 1.3.9564
Smart telephone assistant software
GCalToolkit 1.3.1
Power Tools for Google Calendars - remove duplicates, multiple edits & deletes
Maple 8.67
Extremely handy and easy to use outliner for creating your own hierarchical trees for storing data
Altova Authentic Enterprise Edition 2019r3sp1
WYSIWYG XML/database content editor by Altova.
Maple Reader 8.67
A great companion for Maple software users
A productivity suite that is compatible with other major office suites.
PDF Split and Merge Basic 4.0.3
Useful tool for splitting and merging of PDF files
Print2RDP 6.40 Build 429
Simplifies Terminal Server printing on a Remote Desktop Printers.
Sort by: Recently Added Top Rated Popular Downloads
BillQuick 2017
A reliable piece of software designed for time and expense tracking, accounting and project management
9 / 1,198
256.6 Mb
PaperCut NG 18.1.3 Build 43884
A powerful application that lets you monitor local printers and limit user access
12 / 1,476
284 Mb
Studiometry 14.0.4
A robust piece of software that allows you to manage business projects and activities, monitor employees and billables
10 / 1,155
88.9 Mb
Stock Stalker 2.5.7
A friendly application that allows you to monitor the world stock market
9 / 1,063
1 Mb
Photovoltaic System 3.16
A practical tool that can estimate startup costs and calculate your photovoltaic system's amortization over a period of thirty years
9 / 1,296
4.5 Mb
App Developer 2.72
A robust financial simulator that uses social media-specific parameters
9 / 1,201
3.6 Mb
Qdoc 3.2 Beta
Generate various types of quality-testing related documents
11 / 1,258
6.1 Mb
Create, organize and sort important documents securely, with drag and drop and password protection support
10 / 1,206
23.9 Mb
Inkdrop 3.10.6
A Markdown-based note taking application that allows you to easily create and organize notes
9 / 1,250
123 Mb
Health Break 4.1
Include regular breaks in your work schedule and remind yourself to get up and relax every now and then, with this lightweight application
10 / 1,139
1.6 Mb
QOwnNotes 18.05.4 Build 3599
A feature-rich application that lets you create, organize, print and sort notes on your computer
9 / 1,911
29.6 Mb
Docsvault Enterprise 11.0
Scan and manage company documents with this server and client-based software
9 / 1,149
365 Mb
LogFramer 3.0
A small piece of software that enables you to design and manage your projects, and plan your activities and budget
11 / 1,366
0.5 Mb
Monyrama 1.1
A practical financial management solution that lets you transfer your data to the Monyrama Android app
12 / 1,492
42.4 Mb
NoteCase Pro 4.3.6
A lightweight application that lets you create, manage, and format notes containing images, links and other attachments
11 / 1,420
41.6 Mb
2Printer 5.5
A command line tool that lets you automate the printing of batch files, documents, images, PDFs or worksheets
10 / 1,136
62.4 Mb
Asman Search and Replace
A friendly piece of software that allows you to find and replace words in text documents
10 / 1,522
1.1 Mb
Erpmi 16.2
ERP software solution for industrial activity and small to medium-sized manufacturers
10 / 1,279
188.75 Mb
Khi3 16.2
A universal scientific calculator also containing various educational games
12 / 1,268
76.33 Mb
Simplenote 1.1.3
A simple piece of software that lets you create and manage notes which can be synchronized across all your devices
9 / 1,314
32.3 Mb
TED Notepad 5.4.2
A functional and feature-rich word processor
9 / 1,130
0.2 Mb
ABC Birthday Reminder 3.8
Create reminders for various custom events
8 / 1,289
14.3 Mb
Event Organizer Deluxe 4.1
A versatile database management application with ready-to-use event management solutions
9 / 1,264
6.8 Mb
Postcard Organizer Deluxe 4.1
A feature rich application that allows postcard collectors, dealers, hobbyists and clubs to catalog and sort postcards
10 / 1,258
6.8 Mb
notes 1.3
Easily take notes, create lists and reminders with this lightweight application
8 / 1,221
0.06 Mb
Join Text Files 1.0
A small but useful tool that lets you join multiple text files into one document
10 / 1,083
0.5 Mb
Hazama 1.0.1
Easily take notes and keep a diary with this simple yet feature-rich application
10 / 1,135
11.1 Mb
Windows Grep Command 1.0
A small tool that can deep scan for any text string contained by the files on your local hard drive
9 / 1,105
0.5 Mb
Power-user 1.6.227
A robust PowerPoint add-in that includes a large collection of templates, maps, diagrams, charts and illustrations
9 / 1,408
88.9 Mb
Web Calendar Pad 2018.2.0
A functional application that allows you to create a custom HTML calendar to view, print or add to a website
9 / 1,173
20.5 Mb