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Xeoma User Reviews

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"very good" by SmileMC on Sep 16, 2013


Totally amazing program! You can just wonder how one could make smth so difficult (well, to me) appear to be so easy and logical in reality. Many thanks.
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful
"Xeoma is the best I can find" by ca1n on Jul 2, 2013


Right away, Xeoma was checking all the boxes for me, as soon as I started the application, it went to work automatically searching for cameras, and the first thing to pop up was my webcam!


none so far


Xeoma is the best I can find – I recently purchased a couple of cheap IP cameras online, I was amazed how much this technology has come down in price and have been wanting to setup a simple home surveillance system that I could use to monitor things at home while I am at work or while the family and I are away on holiday. After playing with the cameras and their software quite a bit, I found I had begun to familiarize myself with the common terms and setting of these devices, and wanted to utilize the full potential that these cameras can offer.

I found that the software that is built into these cameras was very often buggy and not very reliable. Sometimes my settings would work, other times they would fail and I don’t know why. I tried contacting the manufacturers support on multiple occasions and received not much more than short responses advising me that technical support would email back about my problems with the software, which never happened.
In my search for answers in other places online such as forums and blogs, I found advice that was mostly geared towards technically advanced users, which I have no shame in saying, is not me. However I did come across information on applications that take the place of my IP cameras manufacturer software, and now it was a whole new game for me, I had to find what would work for my cameras, provide me with the functionality I was looking for and something I could use without obtaining a masters in programming.

After finding that many of the camera software solutions either did not have all the features that I wanted or that that they simply did not support my H.264 type cameras, I was narrowed down to a short list of applications to try out. I first tried iSpy, which seems to be a feature rich application. This did not start off as a great experience; just getting my cameras to display an image was a day or so of frustrations and researching the help sections. Even then I found that I did not have the full functionality of my cameras, no pan/tilt, I could not have that. So my I search led me onto Xeoma. I came across other reviews and information that made this application one of the stand outs.

Right away, Xeoma was checking all the boxes for me, as soon as I started the application, it went to work automatically searching for cameras, and the first thing to pop up was my webcam! This was great, not only was I going to be able to use my IP cameras, but my webcam would also now play a much more useful role as an indoor surveillance device rather than its whole life of collecting dust on the desk.
Quickly and easily, I was able to setup record schedules, motion detection areas to be triggered which send me email notifications, Xeoma has something like a time delay feature which records a period before an event occurs as well as the event, and I can set the sensitivity level, so it is not triggered by something like the cat walking past. I can even access the cameras while I am at work to check up on things at home just in case.

I have yet to play with some of the other options such as SMS notifications, or setting access restrictions, but the great thing is that Xeoma has these features and probably plenty more that I will discover the more I play with it. The only other thing that cannot go without mentioning is the interface. Xeoma has got the cleanest, user-friendly interface of any camera software I have come across. I really have to give the developers credit, its well ahead of anything else in its class.
My final word is, if you’re on the market for a video surveillance solution, you have to at least give Xeoma a try. Xeoma is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It’s for free to try out and the full version is as competitively priced as anything else you will find on the market. I doubt you will regret it.
1 out of 1 people found this review helpful
"best I've used so far" by r0M4n on May 29, 2012


I needed software for surveillance in home use, on my Ubuntu-based desktop computer. I chose a few of programs but xeoma turned out to be the best. My priority has been security and peace of mind when I'm away. I haven't seen better software and am not going to look for another!
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