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Software promotion

What's this all about?

Any software developer can request a Featured Listing within our website. The software will be flagged as Featured and it will gain a great visibility within our archive along with an important number of visitors from our website.

How does a Featured Listing work?

Your software can be listed as Featured on our website, in the following areas:

Our home page, under the featured tab ( 3 fixed rotating spots ) *no free spot
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Main page Featured Listings
The software pages (main, download, screenshot etc) ( 5 spots - the left sidebar if valid on all the software pages: description, download, video, screenshot and reviews )
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Category Featured Listings
Category ( 3 rotating spots - 1h cycle)
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Software description page Featured Listing
Subcategory ( 5 spots - rotating)
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Software download page Featured Listing

Once flagged as Featured, your software will be shown in one of the above positions within our software archive. There are cases when the software can be placed in multiple spots, but that depends entirely on the agreement.

I want to get Featured, what's the cost?

We do not charge any fees during this promotion and all the programs will be permanently flagged as Featured. Your software will be listed as Featured within our website, in the following areas, within the rotating spots: our index page under the featured tab , its main category page , its subcategory page and the left sidebar of every software page (read above for placements) from that category. If the spots are in rotation, it means that the Featured Tabs will be refreshed at every page impression, with few exceptions.

We do not request any fees for the Featured Listings like other websites, we only request a backlink from your own website, preferably on your main page (highest PR page, without no redirect or nofollow tag). Usually a text link is enough, but if you need a logo or award, you can visit the Link to Us page and pick it from there. If you want to get listed as Featured, please contact us via email or by using our contact form with the subject "Featured Listings - Software Title". We will provide you with further details regarding our Featured Promotion if needed and complete the "Featured" process.

If you have software that is not present within our website, let us know and it will be included. Also, if your software has a PAD File and it's not included within our archive, please submit it here. Please note that we reserve our right to refuse any software, if it doesn't meet our quality terms and conditions present within our software submission page.