Xiaomi releases new $24 power bank and $15 fitness tracker


In spite of the controversy caused by its business practices, Xiaomi is still synonymous with products of decent quality and ridiculously low prices, a title which has propelled it to the top of the tech industry, especially in its native country of China. The “don’t fix what’s not broken” saying may well be hanged in every Xiaomi office as the company’s new products are perhaps the best examples of it.

First we have a new, 20,000mAh version of the Mi power bank which can be fully charged in five hours. Its six LG/Panasonic high-capacity 3,350mAh cells have enough juice to power most phones four times before a recharge is needed but that is about everything we know about its innards so far. We do expect that it will have LED indicators and at least two USB ports but those details will be released at a later time. Since the power bank is priced at $24, most people will not care about the extras anyway.
Mi Power Bank

The second product Xiaomi announced is the Mi Band 1S, a $15 fitness band. The tracker can monitor your heart rate, the calories you have burned, the steps you have taken and the quality of your sleep. It can also survive for 30 minutes under a meter of water so you can go for quick swimming rounds with no issues. The band is compatible with both Android and iOS so the majority of the world will be able to use it.

Mi Band Pulse

Both products will only be released in China for now but all hope is not lost. Xiaomi is currently very involved in the process of expanding to additional markets so do not be surprised if you can buy these devices early next year. Of course, you can always order both devices and pay for the shipping which will not raise their price by much anyway.