These wireless earbuds mold to the shape of your ears in 1 minute


When your ears are all sorts of whacky, you kind of come to expect that no earbuds will suit you perfectly, unless you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars/euros/pounds in order to get custom-fitted pieces. Though the price may still be an issue, the fine people at Revols have managed to create Bluetooth earbuds that can be molded in the shape of your ear in a mere 60 seconds. And the best part of it all, you do not need anything other than the earbuds and a smartphone to do that.

The way it works is actually fairly simple. In their original state, the earbuds have a gel-like substance on their detachable endings. Once you put that in your ear, you turn on the app and start the pairing process. During a period of a single minute, the earbuds take the shape of your ear and harden themselves automatically. When that is done you will have a pair of earbuds that are completely unique and will most likely fit you like none before, unless you have already dabbled in the custom earbud market.

Revols obviously wants to create earbuds that are useful in every way instead of just making a name for its custom-fitting technology. The product has a battery life of eight hours, directional microphones that can feed in sound from outside whenever you want, a charging connector, two cable routes and extra accessories such as a clip-on battery pack that can provide an additional six hours of music, podcasts or whatever else you want.

The molding process has already been tested by several outlets who have confirmed it works exactly as advertised. However, Revols does not actually have working earbuds yet as the audio drivers have been outsourced to an established Japanese audio company called Onkyo. This makes us think that the earbuds will be completely legitimate once they launch but these details should be known to all potential backers in the Kickstarter campaign. Speaking of that, grabbing the earbuds on the crowdfunding website will cost you $200 while their retail price is slated at $300.