Windows 10 will arrive for desktops first, followed by phones



Though AMD’s CEO was kind enough to let us know about a July release date for Windows 10, Microsoft for its part has not been very straightforward about the launch of the latest version of its operating system. Thankfully, the Build 2015 conference was deemed worthy of such news and the company has finally presented us with some more details about the release of Windows 10.

First of all, the desktop version will arrive before everything else. While Microsoft is touting the universality of Windows 10, the fact is that the operating system is in a much better stage in the desktop than in any other version. The phone version is in a decent stage as well but Microsoft also explained that the development of Windows Phone 8.1 delayed the mobile Windows 10 but we have nothing to worry about right now.

It is probable that Windows 10 for phones will arrive very shortly after the desktop release but the rest of the supported devices might not be as lucky. The IoT version was only recently made available to the general population and there is no Preview for Xbox even though that platform might be one of the trickiest ones.