Winamp is Dead, Long Live Spotiamp!


On 20th of December, AOL ended Winamp’s long and fulfilling life as they announced it one month ago. But the death of such a popular software couldn’t go unnoticed, so on the same day, Spotify announced their new application called Spotiamp.

It’s not exactly Winamp, but it borrowed the UI of the popular music player. Spotiamp is a Windows application that can be used to login to your Spotify account and listen to your playlists, search for tracks or listen to radio. It also includes a Shoutcast server that provides support for streaming to other devices and support for Winamp visualisation plugins.

Spotify didn’t exactly revive Winamp, but they really succeeded in keeping it’s memory alive. The new Spotiamp retains the classic Winamp UI with it’s 90’s look and feel, while adding modern features into their desktop client. Accrding to their own statement, the similar name and preserving Winamp’s GUI has been done

to honour the engineering skill and passion that goes into building wonderful software that millions of people enjoy we would like to share a small tribute to honor the great legacy of Winamp

If you feel like giving Spotiamp a try, here’s the download link.