You will be able to buy an Apple Watch from retail stores in June


The Apple Watch has finally brought smartwatches to the general public so much so that the devices are now considered mainstream by a lot of people that would have otherwise been clueless about their existence. Surprisingly enough, the fact that Apple has only made the Watch available via online orders has not stopped consumers from breaking all kinds of smartwatch sales records.

One of the reasons why Apple has not yet made the Watch available in its retail stores is that it has run into a lot of trouble with producing enough stock to keep up with current demand. According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, that is going to change during the next month as high street stores have been stockpiling the Watch for some time now and they will have enough units to start selling sometime during June.

And before you think otherwise, this does not mean interest for the Apple Watch has fallen. Plenty of consumers are still waiting to get their hands on Apple’s wearable and I am certain that long lines will be formed once it becomes available in retail stores. I do wish Apple would release some sales numbers but I guess we are going to have to wait for a while before that happens.