WhatsApp surpasses 400 million monthly users


If anyone still had any doubts, WhatsApp is officially the most popular cross-platform communication platform in the world. The application, available on most mobile systems like Android, iOS, Nokia, Windows phone and more, is responsible for billions of texts and images being sent every month.The messaging service has now reached 400 million monthly users with 100 of them added in the last four months. What is also amazing is that this number marks only the active users and not all of the users that have registered with the service, a marketing tactic employed by many companies before.

The team behind WhatsApp proudly announced the milestone in their latest blog spot and rightfully so. They are proud in their platform and they are always eager to point out that they have never used ads or other aggressive forms of marketing as they believed in their users. They constantly share stories from their users because they seem to truly believe in the freedom that their application offers to the world and the services they are providing. The cost of the platform, after all, is minimal.

A single dollar for a year’s worth of service. In addition to that they are running what is probably one of the longest trials in the market, a year’s worth of WhatsApp for free without having to pay a dime. It is no wonder that the service has grown so much in popularity, especially now. The mobile text plans are becoming increasingly more expensive and there is simply no reason for smart customers not to take advantages of platforms like WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook Messenger and even Skype for mobiles.