Vivaldi Browser moves to beta after 2M early downloads


Vivaldi, the browser launched earlier this year by Opera’s former CEO Jon von Tetzchner, has just entered its first beta phase. Information about Vivaldi Browser slowed down a bit during the alpha stages but von Tetzchner also revealed that the application has been downloaded more than 2 million times during the technical preview.

For those of you who are hearing about this browser for the first time, the idea and plans behind it can be explained quite simply. Its creator and current CEO felt like Opera became too much of a Chrome clone and wanted to create an alternative browser that would appeal to power users without sacrificing anything in terms of performance, features or aesthetic design. The team behind it promises a lot of advanced features in the final release though some will not make it into the first version, including the built-in mail client and sync tools.

Users who are already happy with their current browsers and want a simple web experience are unlikely to bother with Vivaldi but they are not the target audience here. The company knows it cannot compete with browsers like Chrome right now but they are hoping to attract power users who will appreciate features like full keyboard and command support in the browser, grouped tabs, advanced bookmarks bar, full support for Chrome extensions and other identifying features that aim to set Vivaldi apart from the mainstream browsers.

Interested users can go to and download the browser right away. Vivaldi is available on Windows, OS X and Linux. There is also an option to import data from various browsers so your web experience is not disrupted.