VISA is about to make your online transactions more secure


Although it took a while, Visa is not a stranger to online platforms and web security any more. After releasing its Checkout platform in July 2014, the company is now trying to reinvent online credit card security by removing the 16-digit account number in your online payments.

When this system goes through, online transactions will create a unique randomized code instead of taking the number of your account so that payments can get secured without any personal info being exposed. The security method will apply in all kinds of online payments both in your desktop and in your mobile devices. This will expand upon the company’s Visa Token Service (VTS) that was launched in September and served to make physical credit cards more secure after a series of prolific breaches.

If you are worried that this is just fluff and no substance, Visa says that all merchants who have implemented Checkout will be able to use the safer security method. Moreover, other major companies will start implementing the system this year. Apple Pay is already using this and has proven to be quite successful so at least this will put our minds at ease till the next major security breach, whenever that will be.