‘USB Killer’ will help you destroy your PC for $99


Security researcher Dark Purple showcased the second version of his “USB Killer” flash drive back in October with a video that demonstrated what would happen if someone plugged a USB drive with a powerful electric surge in your PC. As you might expect, the results were pretty cool but it is not exactly something that you would like to do in your own computer. Unless, of course, you are Dmitry Grishin and you are currently running an Indiegogo campaign that sells the PC-destroyer for $99.

The USB Killer device, which has already gathered about $1,500 of its $10,000 goal, works a lot like the research-only version we talked about before. The exact tech of the dongle is still a matter of speculation right now because the team behind the Indiegogo campaign has not provided us with detailed information on how it works. Instead, they say that their $99 stick will fry any USB port you plug it in so that you can easily protect your data when thieves come in to steal your laptop or similar device.

Setting aside the fact that this may be one of the worst ways to deal with break-ins that I have ever heard, the researchers also claim that USB Killer may well cause damage to the motherboard and pretty much ruin it. You probably will not care once the thieves are in possession of your device but it is still a risk you are supposed to take. There are so many better ways to secure your PC that the only reason I can think of behind this Indiegogo campaign is to provide malicious users with a cheap and portable option for destroying computers. If a “friend” soon comes over and wants to plug a USB drive into your computer, think twice before letting them.