The Twitter Edit Button: Confirmed and then Uncofirmed


Right now, users of the popular social networking platform don’t have the possibility to edit their tweets after publishing them. On one hand, this extremely useful feature was reported to be in the works, according to blogger Mathew Keys.

According to unknown sources, identifying themselves as Twitter employees, the post-publishing edit feature would be available once per tweet, for a limited period of time (still unknown) and let the user to make minor changes like correcting typos and adding/removing a couple of words. The feature would allow a user to correct some mistakes in a tweet (very important if it goes viral), but wouldn’t have the possibility of replacing the whole content or meaning. Such an action can quickly become abusive, as it would allow someone to make a tweet go viral and then replace it with an advertisement, for example.

On the other hand, CNET’s sources state the opposite, meaning Twitter is not actively working on such a feature. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t considering it, just that if we would see that edit button at some point, it probably won’t be very soon.