How To: Troubleshoot issues with your wireless router


Internet networks are really hit or miss. Everything might be working perfectly and then suddenly you are left with no connection and absolutely no clue on what is wrong. Before you start punching your screen and your router from frustration, there are some steps you should try that will solve most of your problems. If the following steps do not fix your connection then the problem might be bigger than you thought. For example, you might have a defective router, a damaged network card or a non-working network cable. Still, it does not hurt to try these steps a few times and see what happens.

Reboot or Reset


This is the most obvious thing to do but a lot of people still do not understand this. The most common joke between tech support operators is how often people call and have their problem solved simply by restarting their devices. Although this is not a magical fix for everything, electronic devices tend to get stuck a lot. Restarting them forces them to start over and thus breaks the loop they were stuck in. The same goes for routers. Rebooting your router will force it to retrieve information all over again and will probably fix most of the networking issues you are experiencing. Whenever you have a networking problem, this is definitely the first step to try. Now, if rebooting does not work, the next step is resetting. Be sure to have all of your network’s information handy because you will probably need to enter it again in order for your network to function. However, resetting is the definite final step that will fix most of your connectivity issues without a doubt.

Hardware issues


The network connection might actually be fine, but that does not mean your router is fine as well. First of all, you need to check for overheating. This should never happen with a router and if it does, it is certainly something to be worried about. It most certainly means it is time to replace a router, unless you have positioned it in the sun or you are blocking it with multiple objects. If that is the case, try to position the router in a cool and dark place, which brings us to our next step. You should think about repositioning your router and adjusting its antenna. You might think this is silly but routers can get blocked for the silliest of reasons. Reposition the router in an open space with nothing to block it and adjust its antenna vertically if you have not done so already. Although this will not fix a broken router, it might help your connection immensely. Finally, check the cables. A very common (and stupid) problem is that the cables have somehow gotten off the router. If that is not the case, be sure to also check them for any damage.