Tinder has made 1 billion user matches


Everyone and their mother know what Tinder is nowadays. If, however, you have found yourself wondering about the exact number of the matchmaking application, you can rest in peace for they are here. Tinder has made 1 billion matches between users since launch. To understand this, you have to know a bit about how the app works. You see, users can simply scroll through a variety of other users and when both of them approve of each other, they get connected and talk. Those are the connections that have reached 1 billion now.

Although the exact number of users is currently unknown, we can safely say that Tinder is growing rapidly. In January 2013, the number of connections was a mere 1 million. A few months ago, in December 2013, it had reached 500 million. The 1 billion connections record shows growing numbers for the app and as the creator says, “Tinder is here to stay”. He also commented on the app’s recommendation engine, citing it as a major factor for its growth.

The recommendations in Tinder work in a variety of way. Information that the app can gather from you from social media is used for and against you in different circumstances, creating a huge ecosystem of information that the app uses in order to find people that you will like and suggest you to people that might like you. With celebrity verification coming in soon, you might even get to see your favorite people on the app, although I kind of doubt it.