Slated iOS 8 keyboard will translate your texts in real-time



We have seen so many translating apps, services and gadgets these past few months that I truly believe we are nearing an era where communicating with others will become much easier. Machine translations have been getting better and better and as more people use these kinds of services, the feedback they get can intelligently improve them which is also great news.

Another app that wants to enter the translating field is Slated, an iOS 8 keyboard that works pretty much the same way as the existing Translator Keyboard albeit with a better UI (that bases itself on Apple’s offering) and support for a staggering amount of 81 languages at launch. The keyboard translates your text messages as you type and shows them to you where the suggestions would be. To translate incoming text, users just have to tap on copy and the text gets translated in the same place as your own.

The app is available for $2.99 for a limited time only, after which the price will go up at $4.99. Although the translations are obviously not perfect, it truly is a very innovative way of doing things and there is a good chance that your language is supported right now. If you are at all interested in such services, Slated is probably a very good bet. With things like this and Skype’s speech translation service, it is a great time to break the language barriers.