How To: Set up and use Firefox Hello

Firefox Hello Conversation

Firefox Hello is a recent addition by Mozilla to the Firefox browser which allows users to communicate with each other via their browsers. Firefox Hello is a built-in chat platform that supports video and audio calls even without a Firefox account. As you can imagine, the company is hoping that its built-in browser solution for chatting will replace desktop alternatives and provide users with yet another way of connecting with each other.

How to invite someone to talk

1. Open your Firefox browser and click on the Hello button. If you cannot find it, click on the menu options, select Customize and the Hello icon should be in there. Do note that you will need to be running the latest version of Firefox in order to have access to this feature (34 as of now).

Firefox Hello

2. After you click on the Hello button, wait for a while and a unique URL will be created for you. To share the link, you can either click on the Email button to send it via your default email program or click on the Copy button to send the URL via any other method you like. Important note: The other user does not have to use Firefox to communicate with you. They only need to be running a browser that supports WebRTC like Chrome or Opera (no Safari or Internet Explorer).

Firefox Hello Chrome Conversation

3. You can now copy that link to your address bar and start the conversation window even before your friend/relative/whatever arrives. This is useful if you want to set things up beforehand, like enabling video or audio communications only.

4. Once the other person opens that link, you will get a ‘Conversation Request’ notification in your browser. The Cancel button is obvious but the Accept button has two functions. Clicking on the video camera part will open a video conversation but clicking on the microphone part will open an audio-only conversation.

Firefox Hello Conversation Request

5. After the conversation opens, some new buttons will appear. The ‘privacy controls’ as Mozilla likes to call them are those blue buttons that can disable your camera or mute your microphone at any point. You will also find the red ‘end call’ button at the same place.

How to stop incoming calls

If you do not want to receive any calls for any period of time, simply click on the Firefox Hello icon, click on the status (default: Available) and change it to Do Not Disturb. This will stop any calls from coming through until you change your status again.

How to manage a contact list (needs Firefox Account)

1. Click on the Firefox Hello button and log in your account.

2. When you are logged in, click on the Contacts tab at the top right.

Firefox Hello Contacts

3a. To add contacts manually, click on the New Contact button and then enter the name and email adress of that person.
3b. To add contacts automatically from your Google account, click on the Import button, enter your Google credentials and follow the instructions.

4. Contacts can be edited, blocked or deleted by clicking on the arrow next to their names.