Realtek cards: No sound in Vista problem fix


Many users, including myself, had problems with the Realtek sound card’s drivers on Windows Vista. The most often problem is that you have no sound in Vista, no matter what. There are many sound cards based on the Realtek Ac’97 chipset and this may become a nightmare for fresh Vista installations.

However, this problem can be resolved easily doing a fresh driver install on your VIsta. Be aware, that you must completely uninstall your already installed Realtek AC’97 drivers and do a fresh install.

Just download the Realtek AC’97 Vista Audio drivers, fortunatelly we keep them up-to-date.

1. Remove your old Realtek Ac’97 drivers

2. Install the downloaded drivers

3. Reboot

In most cases, this simple procedure will fix the “no sound” problem in Windows Vista but there are some exceptions (on some cards), when this problem persists. In that case, you need to download and install the Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers for Vista and most likley your problem will be fixed. Please note that we recommend installing the High Definition Drivers for any Ac’97 chipset as it improves the sound quality considerably.

  • Doug

    I found a simple way that fixed my sound issue. I unplugged my speaker and plugged it back in. This brought up a realtek wizard. I made sure the box was checked for the proper speaker, in my case ‘front speaker out’, and sound is back. This may not work for everyone but its quick and painless to try.

  • Taf

    This has been driving me crazy for a week… then I had an idea…

    Installed the free KLite codec pack and it repaired all the broken codecs and paths.

    Spread the word!!!

  • 54nt0sX

    i had a problem with my sound driver (realtek HD Audio).
    now i use realtek xp driver and it work on my vista.
    just replace hdaudio.sys with xp audio.sys

  • pubaction

    Thanks a lot, it worked for me

    Iam so excited.

  • Megan

    Thanks to Doug I tried what he said to put the sound device (when that RealTek wizard comes up)…well I checked the “Front Speaker Out” box and voila! I have sound!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much Doug! I have been searching for answers upon answers for about 2 hours now! Thankfully I did not have to upgrade nor uninstall any drivers!!! 😀

    Thank you again!!!!

    ~Megan, someone who is very grateful and appreciative! 🙂

  • willh

    i tried for about 4 hours then cracked it. installed all new drivers no conflict with hardware or yellow signs on device manager still no sound so i clicked speaker icon on desktop clicked on playback devices then on realtek digital output. once that was clicked and working whalar sorted.



  • sue

    Don’t know if this will help anyone but after the Vista SP2 update my sound was there but with very loud static/hissing over the top. I tried all the newest drivers for my realtek AC97 but still the problem was the same. I noticed the sound worked fine while windows was loading everything on start up until the last program ‘ Spyhunter’ (anti spyware/malware program) loaded & that’s when the hissing/static started. So I stopped Spyhunter from automatically loading at start up & after re-start the problem was gone.
    If you have tried the up to date drivers for your soundcard & you still have the sound problem I had this may help you.

    Best of luck : )

  • Scythius

    i didn’t think it would work, but this worked like a charm.

    I had no sound on my computer, and it said no devices installed.
    i searched several sites and forums when i came across this page.

    You really don’t even have to uninstall your current drivers, the wizard will do it all for you. after a quick restart, it was all handled.

    i couldn’t thank you more, whoever put this up.

  • kem

    Been without sound for about 6 months. After taking willh’s advice – right clicked on volume, selected playback devices, right clicked on Realtek symbol, disabled device, (no devices shown), right clicked on empty screen, chose to show all disabled devices, enabled speakers…………Houston, we have sound!!! Thanks WillH for some very simple advice! =D

  • John DiFool

    Just got back from vacation last night, only to be greeted with an update box suggesting that I install Vista SP2. I foolishly hit the “OK” box, and now I have no sound. Come here and download the above driver…

    Well, Windows doesn’t like this driver-it would get close to the end of the install, then I would get a security alert that I shouldn’t install drivers from unknown publishers-okay, I click “install anyway”, yet the alert keeps coming up again and again and again, and refuses to allow the install to be completed. Said alert seems to NOT arise from Windows Defender, as I disabled that 100% completely, yet the alert still refuses to get out of my way and finish the install.

  • sheens

    WILLH Thanku have had no sound for months i give up but decided to search help and come across this site followed great simple instruction and i now have full sound REALTEK IS TERRIBLE wahhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeyyyyy i can listen to music thanks

  • @Doug, that worked for me too!

  • schatterd

    Maybe ya’ll can help me…I recently purchased a Dell 435MT, i7 Coprocessor, and 7.1 integrated sound (card?)…When I was purchasing, I told the salesperson that I did not want to buy the speaker system they “recommended”, that I had a pair of stereo speakers that I’ve been using for a long time…okay….

    So, I get the system, and lo and behold, because of the work I do and also, because the Dell system has 5.1 surround capability I broke down, visited the Dell website and thru their sales department, purchased the Panasonic SC-PT464 5.1 surround sound system. Now, there were 2 reviews of that particular system. The first, was just that the product was great. The second, indicated that the person didn’t want all the wires that go with with 5millions speakers,and so he said that he connected his system via the digital optical output cable. Further, he said that after “tweaking” the settings just a bit, the sound was aswum…la de de — de da.

    Well, first I started with the HDMI cable. No sound from my Dell out of the Panasonic. I should add, the Panasonic has it’s own DVD player in it. If I were to leave my system at the log on screen, where you need to enter the password to get windows booted up and running, long enough, I would see the alert that there was no DVD installed in the player. Now,if I put one in it played, I could see the video on my monitor, and I would have great sound. Ohhhhkay, so I get on the on the phone with Dell Support for like 5 hours. He takes over my computer, uninstalls all of my video and audio drivers and then reinstalls “newer” versions……messes with all the little check boxes and generally, basically, gets nowhere…..Panasonic support, says, contact Dell.

    So, I tried the Digital Optical cable…no sound from my system…I finally gave up. I took the Panasonic and brought it out into living room and hooked it up so the gaming system and the HDTV out front could make use of it…werks great….sounds great…and I’m back to stereo speakers for my computer. After a lot of rooting around, I really don’t see that anyone seems to make, specifically, Computer “speaker systems”. Oh, yeah, you can buy speakers and hook them up, thru the line in jack, but it’s not going to be 5.1 or even quadraphonic…I’m lost….is there someone out there that could help? Anyone have any ideas? I, for some reason in al of my prior searches, never ran across this site, or I would have posted here awhile back. Any, and I mean ANY help, would be greatly appreciated….I’d be your best friend for life….you could come over and watch the games….I play guitar, so if you play an instrument all the better….Thanks!

  • schatterd

    Sorry for this, but I should add, the internal sound is from RealTek. Under properties it’s the Realtek High Definition Audio, Device Type = Sound, video and game controllers; Location = Location 2(internal high definition audio bus); the driver file is “AERTSr64,ex*; file vers. =; Andrea Electronics Corp., Driver vers. =, dated 2-3-2009.

    Thought this info might be helpful.

    Thanks again, even if it’s just for reading my dribble, whining, drivel and complaining.

  • God

    DOUG! YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! Cheers!

  • Carmen

    Try this:

    It worked for me. Gool luck

  • Stobart58

    It works. i finally found a sound fix which works.!!!!

    Really Good Thanks

  • Don’t Know

    How do you know if you have Ac’97 Realtek – yes I’m not good at this…

    • vexx

      you take a look in your device manager screen in Windows or you install a system information program such as AIDA (Everest), Sisoft Sandra…etc

  • l001

    so i downloaded the drivers and its a folder? where do i place this folder? or does it install the drivers automatically?

    • vexx

      you should download an exe..and as I know, it’s an installer, not a folder

  • Kissmyass

    bullshit, you are just trying to scam money for this bullshit software.  fuck you

  • DiZeL_2540

    Go to Start =>Control Panel =>Administrative Tools=>Services
    Search for Windows Audio and double-click it You will find a button Start click it and click ok and restart computer After the piece define the soundcard I expect that everything will be fine ok! That you do not have Driver  the card’s That you do not have Driver  the card’s

  • Thatguyyyy123

    I have been having problem where I have 5:1 surround sound and only 1 speaker puts out sound, and its utter crap even though i know the speakers are fine since I tested with mp3 player, it’s Dec 24 2011, lets see if this guide brings me an early christmas 😀

  • Thatguyyyy123

    Error 0x00000005 when it was installing, please help me D:

  • Thatguyyyy123

    So… I am still not getting sound out of most of my speakers, this helped not at all

  • Scrappa4u

    when i play dvds i no longer hear the actors in the movies but i hear the music and other sounds why is this as they used to work find

  • WTF-Misleading Jerks

    This site is full of MIS-Leading Download buttons! You are Not downloading the RelTek drivers – almost each download button/link for Hijackware – a “download manager” from some No-name company and a search browser (which is a Phisher tool) and an agreement (in small type) to replace your default search engine (Yahoo, Google etc) with their piece-of-shat. Go directly to the RealTek site and ignore this Misleading crap of a site.

  • Jangrím Poulsen

    I lost ewry thing thank you