RapidShare to shut down in March


RapidShare, one of the most iconic file-hosting services in the web, is shutting its doors down in March 31, 2015 following a long decline. Launched in 2002, the service has seen a major drop in its users over the last couple of years, probably due to the much stricter file-hosting and anti-piracy measures forced upon it during that period.

The service was actually one of the very first file-hosting websites to swiftly comply with those rules in order to stay afloat but this was ultimately also the reason for its demise. Sharing copyrighted material is obviously not a very decent business plan but users will inevitably move on to platforms that better suit their needs and there are plenty of file-sharing websites nowadays that are much more lenient when it comes to the files they are hosting.

Nothing helped bringing users back, however, not even the fact that RapidShare tried to offer cloud storage services. The website is offering extensions of the premium licenses up until the end of February but after the end of March, all accounts will be automatically deleted. RapidShare is warning its users that they should back up all of their files before that date. If you are currently hosting anything on the service that you would like to keep, I suggest you move quickly.