Protesters break window of Google bus


It is truly a sad day when people are lashing out at hard working individuals for improving their lives. Protesters at San Francisco and Oakland got violent and broke the window of a Google bus in the latter region. The bus was transferring employees of Google from Silicon Valley to their homes when it was stopped by the mob and vandalized.

The protests have been a growing concern in the last few weeks as the locals blame the tech employees for rising rents in their areas. It is no secret that Google and Apple pays their employees very well and the young professionals moving in the two areas for their jobs has led the local landlords to increase the rent overall, leading people with lower wages to protest in anger as they believe they cannot afford the rising living costs of the areas. The arguments got even more heated when a man disguised as a Google employee started taunting the protesters by telling them they should leave if they could not afford to live there. Although the man was simply putting up an act that has been debunked since then, it surely contributed to the violent nature of the protests.

What the locals seem to miss is that the rising rent costs are in no way the fault of the employees. Those people have gone through a rigid education and have achieved quality credentials that let them work for the two industry giants. It is no wonder that they want to move closer to their job and for most of them it is a dream come true. Silicon Valley has contributed a lot to both the local area and the state overall and the fault should be put more into the greedy landlords than anyone else. They know that the young professionals at Google and Apple can afford higher rents because of their high salary jobs and have no problem settings higher prices for everyone. Protesters should stop and think about what they are doing first instead of resolving to violent confrontations that actively damage their cause instead of promoting it.

Image credit: Business Insider