Polaroid’s Cube+ camera has Wi-Fi and a dedicated app


The original Polaroid Cube was a pretty cool camera as its 720p and 1080p recordings were decent enough for its price. Now, however, the company wants to offer an updated product with the Cube+, a Full HD camera that also has Wi-Fi support and a smartphone app so that your video and photo transfers can be easier than ever.

The Wi-Fi and smartphone additions are pretty much the only new things we know about the updated Cube camera. Polaroid did not say whether it sports the same 6MP camera that gathered mixed reviews or not so if you did not appreciate what the original gadget was capable of, you should wait for a while before getting too excited.

Still, the Wi-Fi and smartphone app instantly turn the Cube+ into a much more versatile camera than its predecessor. The magnetic base is still present, meaning you can attach the Cube+ to just about any metal surface and grab some pretty nifty pictures or videos which you can instantly transfer to your PC or mobile device and then share across the web, including your favorite social networks. The companion app can also be used as a viewfinder and it will be available for both Android and iOS devices. The Cube+ will launch in August in a variety of colors and will cost $100, a pretty decent price for what you can do with it.