Ping is an information-based app by Secret’s developers


The developers of Secret have released an entirely new app that has nothing to do with their now famous anonymity-focused offering. Ping wants users to stay up-to-date on a variety of topics of their choosing and will display all relevant information on the lock screen. As the name would suggest, it will then ping the user whenever something new happens while also allowing the user to access detailed information via a single tap.

As you can guess, the app is fairly simple but it is already looking pretty great. I also really like the focus on personalized content as the app will slowly learn about the things you like so that it can provide you with information that is completely tailored for you. Although it will start off with the same content for just about everyone, you can work with it for a while and turn it into a small hub for updates and whatnot.

Another cool factor is that the app will not require the user to sign up if they do not want to as it can simply tailor the content for that specific device. As Engadget notes, this app was born out of a hackathon that aimed to design simplistic yet effective apps and the end result certainly fits those guidelines. Eager users can download the app on iOS right now with an Android version following “soon”.