Oculus Social Alpha gives us a glimpse on multi-user virtual cinemas


The addition of a multi-user mode in the Oculus Cinema app has been under development since before its August 2015 announcement and it is finally here. Facebook and Oculus VR are cracking down on the social experience of the Oculus Rift and related headsets such as Samsung’s Gear VR. In fact, the latter device is the one who we will be focusing on as it is the only one to have been released thus far.

Interested users who happen to have a group of friends with Samsung Gear VR devices can head over to the Oculus Store and grab the Oculus Social Alpha app so that they can watch Vimeo and Twitch videos and streams in a virtual cinema. Participation is limited to five people, each of which gets their own avatar and place on the screen. When a user turns their head, their avatar follows so that you can have more natural conversations.

Of course, one could argue that having a conversation in a virtual cinema is just as bad as doing that in a brick-and-mortar one so you may want to steer away from spoilers and in-depth character discussions until after the videos are over. The videos themselves are of high quality and most bad experiences arise from connectivity issues and bugs, mishaps that will most likely be resolved by the time the Oculus Rift hits the market.