Norman System Speedup: Improve your PC’s performance


Working on a PC for a long time will always result in a performance drop over time as files and useless junk accumulate in your system. Norman System Speedup will help you deal with all that with ease via its automated tools. The software is offered completely free of charge.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is a breeze as the user has to make a few simple choices like running the application immediately after the installation and the installer takes care of everything else. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8x.


The first thing you will most likely notice after launching the application for the first time is the toolbar at the very top of your screen. This is part of the application and offers information about network, CPU and memory usages in real time. Strangely enough, the toolbar is not actually click-through so it might get in the way of your activities unless you disable it form the system tray icon.

The main interface can also be accessed via the same system tray icon and is actually where all the magic happens. In fact, users can choose between letting the application take care of the whole cleaning up process with a few clicks of the mouse or take matters into their own hands and only use the tools they need by activating them manually.

My recommendation with these kinds of programs is always to take care and choose exactly what the application does, mainly because it might disable a service you actually want or delete files it considers junk when they really are not. Still, it is very nice to see that Norman System Speedup offers an extremely fast and precise monitoring process that goes quite in-depth by cleaning junk files, tidying up the registry and even doing a bit of defragmentation along the way.

Apart from all the cleaning tools that are available in the application, it is also worth noting that there are plenty of convenience related utilities that should make your life much easier. For example, Norman System Speedup offers an uninstaller, a startup manager and a system restore manager, all of which can be employed to make things just a little bit easier. Most of these extra utilities do not exactly offer a lot more advanced functionality that the ones found in Windows but it is still cool to have them all in one place.


-Offers a very good amount of options
-Helpful to the casual user
-Extra utilities to spice things up
-Optional monitoring toolbar


-Some strange design choices


Norman System Speedup is one of the best cleanup utilities in the market with a very nice selection of tools that should provide your computer with the boost it needs. Just make sure you are careful when using the tools so as not to cause more damage to your PC.