Next year, Windows 10 will be an automatic, recommended update


A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft made an error which resulted in Windows 7 and 8x users getting an upgrade to Windows 10 against their will. The company quickly apologized and said that they are always working on providing their user base with the best experience, a part of which is versatile choices. Now, Microsoft is muddling up the waters again as the company will be turning Windows 10 into a recommended update soon.

The process will start by placing Windows 10 in the Optional Updates of the Windows Update utility, followed by placing the new OS into the Recommended Updates list. As you probably know already, updates of that section get downloaded and installed automatically for all users with the default Windows Update settings which is where all the confusion comes from. Microsoft has already clarified that human confirmation will be required before WU upgrades your entire system but this kind of forceful attitude and failure to communicate properly is hurting Microsoft quite a bit.

According to Microsoft, the reason for this change is that a large number of support requests arrive from people who still do not understand how they can get their Windows 10 upgrades so putting it right in front of their eyes should make things easier for most. In related news, Microsoft is also going to release a new and improved version of its Media Creation Tool that will let users install different editions of Windows 10 into multiple computers. Finally, the company will be cracking down on piracy in the best way possible; providing a very easy way for pirates to get a genuine license via Windows itself.