Motorola’s weird temporary tattoo will let you unlock your phone


There are a lot of gimmicks in the tech world but it is not very often you see such a strange one from a major company. Motorola has teamed up with VivaLnk to create a temporary digital tattoo that can unlock a smartphone without the need of a password. Users can just take their phone, put it on the tattoo and see their screens unlocked almost immediately.

The tattoo will stay on your body for about 5 days and will last through hail and snow, or at least a few showers. A 10 pack will set you back $10 which is a stupid price to pay for this kind of thing. Not only that but the tattoo unlocking functionality is currently limited to the Moto X only, severely limiting the potential user base and test audience.

If I had to guess, I would say this is merely a very weird marketing scheme. I can see no way people would use this thing more than once although I can see its usefulness sometimes. This might also become useful for some people with disabilities although I doubt this is the best way for them either. At least it is pretty cool to see so trying it out is not of the question.