Mobile Google searches surpass desktop for the first time ever


Amit Singhal, SVP at Google Search, has revealed that the company’s global mobile search volume overtook the desktop for the first time ever during the summer. Google fields more than 100 billion searches per month though it is worth nothing that the number excludes devices with screens bigger than six inches so tablets are not included in the statistics.

Mobile searches took the crown in more than 10 countries including the U.S. and Japan, two major markets for technology and prime examples of the shift towards mobile computing. As a result, Google’s Search division has been focusing hard on priming the search functions for the mobile world and introducing new and improved features such as better voice recognition. By allowing users to search with Google at any time of their everyday lives, Google benefits by providing them with their (also new) mobile-only ads.

Google did not give out specific numbers but they did lay out part of their future plans which focus heavily on mobile apps. More specifically, the company has indexed more than 100 billion links within apps which may well change the way you use the search engine. For instance, Google may be able to redirect search results into apps that users have installed in their devices so they can find whatever they are looking for faster.