Microsoft wants HoloLens to be used in academia, promises $100,000 to worthy proposals


Microsoft is not exactly ready to release HoloLens into the wild just yet but the company is certainly investing plenty of hours, money and team members into the development of its Augmented Reality tech. The device has a lot of potential and Microsoft really wants people to use it, even in its current state, as it has now announced a new research grant proposal that aims at inviting people from US research projects and universities to put the HoloLens to good use.

The Microsoft HoloLens Academic Research Request For Proposals (RFP) will award $100,000 and two HoloLens development kits to five researchers that the company will deem worthy. Proposal submissions can be made at the HoloLens for Research website along with all the information needed like the selection process, eligibility requirements and conditions. The deadline is set at September 5, 2015 so there is plenty of time to come up with a good proposal.

Obviously, Microsoft stands to gain by researchers using its HoloLens for creative projects. Even if none of the researchers yield commercially applicable projects to the AR glasses, the company will still put the information gained to good use during the final steps of the HoloLens development. The Oculus Rift is another shining example of a device that hugely benefitted from being made available to developers and enthusiasts early on and Microsoft may even create a similar platform sometime later.