Microsoft releases dedicated Windows 10 kit for Raspberry Pi 2


Microsoft’s comments about the Raspberry Pi have always been positive with the tech giant promising to release a free, IoT-focused version of Windows 10 for the mini-computer earlier this year. Now, Microsoft has actually released a dedicated kit that will make it easy to run the IoT edition of Windows 10 in Raspberry Pi 2 devices, provided that you are willing to part with $75 for the standalone version.

The “Windows IoT Core Starter Kit” includes an SD card that is preloaded with the aforementioned Windows 10 edition and it also includes a decent variety of hardware such as a case, power supply, sensors, wires and cables so that you can get started on your projects immediately. There is also a $115 version of the kit that also includes a Raspberry Pi 2 in case you have not bought one already.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation also seemed positive about the release and specifically about the number of Windows developers that are now starting to get involved with the Pi and its community. Any developer who is interested in making a Pi project will find that $75 is not a high price to pay in order to get a Microsoft-endorsed kit along with a dedicated platform for their Windows apps. Of course, Microsoft needs to prove that the Windows 10 IoT Core OS is a better alternative than Pi-approved systems such as Raspbian and other Linux distros.