Microsoft to provide WP OS for free in India


Microsoft has traditionally charged for every operating system they have released, but that might actually change soon. We previously told you that Microsoft was considering a free version of Windows 8 and it looks like the company is taking even more steps in the free OS direction. After some very long negotiations with Indian phone companies for “affordable Windows Phone devices”, the company has agreed to provide the operating system for the phones free of charge.

Although the company did not release details about the deal, this information was more than enough to turn a few heads. As CNET reported, a principal analyst over at Technalysis Research called Bob O’Donnel described this move as a “calculated risk to see how it works”. Microsoft desperately needs to get ahead of the game as their market share in the phone market is not nearly as strong as the copany wants. In India, Windows Phones represent less than 10% of the market which is of course dominated by Android.

If this goes well, it would spell good news for both the company and the consumers. Microsoft can see that by offering more incentive for companies and consumers to buy their phones, they can finally start building a better ecosystem. Although Windows Phones are fine devices, they lack in the software department. The company needs to get ahead in emerging markets and if they can garner a lot of interest in India, they will accomplish a very important goal.