The Microbot Push can turn dumb products into smart devices


Turning dumb devices into smart ones is a great idea which has already been explored with a variety of concepts. Naran, a South Korea startup, is proposing a new alternative with the Microbot Push, a connected button which can be attached to virtually every other device in your household, with some limitations.

The Microbot Push is a height adjustable button that can be programmed to activate appliances by moving its rubber end forward. The dedicated app can be used to activate it at any point with more complex configurations being available with the Prota Box. This way you can boil some water in the kettle before getting out of bed or maybe turn on your speakers for a musical morning with little to no setup time.

Aside from those admittedly basic actions, Microbot Push also comes with a hub called the Prota Box where you can connect external devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Push can then be configured to work with sensors so that you can enable certain devices automatically so, for instance, you could pair it with a motion sensor so that it can automatically turn lights on and off whenever you move around in a room. This works with a system that resembles IFTTT where Push’s “stories” are the scripts you can run. Basically, you create some automation rules, integrate the Prota Box with other devices and you are all set.

My main gripe with the product is that you cannot really use it for more advanced tasks as its design only allows it to be used as a button and nothing else. Additional configurations could transform it into something else entirely but this will have to do for now. Naran is currently running an Indiegogo campaign where you can get your very choose between various configurations, including a $199 starter kit with three Microbots and a Prota Box.