Malware infecting Android through Windows


    Although we have seen Android devices infecting Windows computers before, this is pretty much the first time that the malware are going the other way around. Android devices are very open and easy to experiment with and that leaves users vulnerable to security threats. It certainly does not help that Android dominates the market so hackers and malicious users have a very large user base ready to infect.

    The latest security threat is a Trojan named Troan.Droidpak and was discovered by Symantec. The Trojan drops a malicious DLL in the phones, registers it as a system service and begins messing up with the devices in various ways. It begins with the download of a malicious .apk file in the Android device and .adb in Windows. When the .apk file passes on the Android device, a fake app store is created that redirects users to fake banking apps while also intercepting their text messages.

    However, most users should not be worry about this malware for a simple reason. In order for it to pass to the phone, it requires USB Debugging to be enabled. Now, most users have absolutely no use for it and it is not exactly easy to activate by mistake. More advanced users will probably be careful and will know that their devices are infected. Nevertheless, Symantec advises users to be careful when using the USB Debugging feature and to only install reputable and safe apps from Google Store in order to protect themselves.