Magic Leap releases its first real AR video, tech is still a secret


Magic Leap, the secretive augmented reality with Google’s backing, has just released a video shot directly through the company’s tech with no special effects or compositing. You might remember that the company had released a promotional video back in March but that one was not exactly a clear representation of what the tech can do as it was made in collaboration with Weta Workshop, a studio that worked on the Lord of the Rings films.

The new video, which you can see above, is still highly impressive. The Magic Leap team is composed of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, including neuroscience. In fact, the company says that Magic Leap will be a self-contained, complete computer that will, in essence, superimpose moving objects as if your eyes and brain actually saw and processed them. The aim is to create a seamless AR experience that will be virtually indistinguishable from the real world by using various light tricks so that you can interact with digital objects as you would with an object you can grab right now.

As always, the problem with Magic Leap is that no one knows what the final product will look like. Judging from the company’s comments and the second video, the most natural assumption is that Magic Leap will be a head-mounted device though exactly what is up for debate. The team says that you will be able to have “normal relationships with people” and that you will not be embarrassed to wear it in public (in contrast to something like the HoloLens) so I am guessing glasses of some sort.

Magic Leap has undoubtedly managed to grab the interest of the tech world but the company really needs to show us something tangible. All this talk of “magical experiences” is fine for a pre-release marketing campaign but without seeing the actual product, I am cynical enough to withhold excitement until an actual announcement. Rony Abovitz, CEO and founder of Magic Leap, did say that they are very close to shipping so we will hopefully know what all the fuss is about soon enough.