LucidCam is a $299 VR camera for everyone


The world of tech in all its forms has more or less accepted virtual reality as the next big technology that aims to change the lives of everyone and not just the people that are already surrounded by technology anyway. What we usually forget, however, is that people who are not that much interested in this kind of thing have to see and experience VR in the most intuitive ways possible, otherwise the whole experiment may well be moot. And what better way to introduce people into VR than short, concise videos made with the most affordable VR camera we have seen yet?

The device in question is LucidCam, the world’s first 3D VR camera for the consumer market. The device is capable of capturing 3D, 180 degree video in full HD as well as capturing images with 2K resolution. The quality here is described “per eye” as both of your eyes will be able to view the full resolution. And as you have probably noticed by now, the device is incredibly close and fits in your pocket so you can take it anywhere and start capturing real videos in VR without any experience in the field whatsoever.

LucidCam Portable

The main ideas behind the LucidCam is that people can share their everyday experiences in the best way possible and that connecting people through virtual reality can be achieved quite easily with today’s technology. Since you can take the camera with you virtually anywhere, you will be able to record short, exciting videos with very small file sizes that you can easily share with friends and family. The only thing they need is a Cardboard and a smartphone and they will be able to view your VR content just like that.

LucidCam Capture

The decision to support capturing at 180 degrees instead of 360 degrees was an easy one too. While 360 videos are admittedly cool, they require quite a lot of setup in order to look good otherwise the stitching issues are way too apparent for the video to be enjoyable in VR. A huge part of LucidCam’s appeal is how easy it is for everyone to use it so anything that requires somewhat advanced knowledge is completely out of the question.

LucidCam is currently on Indiegogo where it has amassed over 60% of its $100,000 goal with 47 days left. It is worth noting that the camera has already received financial backing and that the campaign is more for the promotion and marketing of the device rather than actual funding. If you are interested in the device anyway, the crowdfunding campaign is probably the best place to get one.