Imgur has just released a Video-to-GIF converter


Chances are that a lot of those GIFs that you have seen on the internet have either originated from or have at the very least appeared on Imgur, a very popular image hosting website that has a very close relationship with sites like Reddit. The website took one step further at being the place to host all your GIFs at with a new video-to-GIF converter.

The Video to GIF tool is very simple and extremely fast. The Imgur team says that it is “the easiest and fastest way to make awesome GIFs from videos” and it is certainly right there at the top. You start by entering the URL of a video from one of the 500 supported sites, select the start and end of your GIF, add some optional text and you are done.

If you belong in the GIF-hating category of people, this is probably a bad time for you. Even though I agree that GIFs are not really the best format for animated images, it seems like it is not going to go away any time soon. In fact, you might also remember that YouTube is currently testing a GIF maker too. At the very least, it is nice to see websites like YouTube and Imgur promoting people to create their own content, even in this form.