How To: Clean your mouse & keyboard without unplugging them

Cezar Renta


So you prepared everything you need to clean up those overused input devices of yours and realized you have to either shut down your computer or crouch under a dusty desk to unplug them?

There’s an easier way of doing this. A simple yet very useful application, called Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner can disable (not clean) your mouse and keyboard for a specified amount of time, so you can clean them safely without pressing unwanted buttons and keys. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Download Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner.

Step 2: Run the program (no installation is needed).

Step 3: The developer states that the program might not work for some keyboards (such as wireless ones) or some keys (for example multimedia keys) might remain enabled. That is why it’s safer to first test the program to see if it works for your keyboard.

Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner Test

To test Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner simply set a small amount of time (e.g. 10-15 seconds) and start pressing keys to see if they are disabled.

Step 4: Assuming that the program works for your keyboard now you can set a higher period of time (whatever you might need to finish cleaning).

Step 5: Clean your mouse and keyboard. While they are disabled, the program will show a progress bar and a countdown so you’ll know how many seconds you have left until they are reactivated.

Download Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner now