System Sounds Muted

How To: Disable or change Windows 7 sounds

One of the very first things I do when I get a new PC or just a new Windows installation is to disable the startup sound. I do not need an annoying sound telling me when my computer opens up, especially when it is 7 am in the morning...
Laptop Speakers

[Tips] Make your laptop sound a little bit better

Great sound and laptops are two things that rarely go together as sound quality is one of the most common sacrifices manufacturers make for our mobile workstations. Modern laptops on the higher end of the spectrum now frequently offer better speakers but those devices cater to a specific audience...
Windows Photo Viewer

How To: Make Windows Photo Viewer your default app for images on Windows 10

As you have undoubtedly noticed already, Microsoft has decided that the Windows Photo Viewer app was too old-school for the new Windows 10 operating system and it has replaced the default image viewer with the new Photos app. The problem is that Windows Photo Viewer is not even available...

How To: Fix the white balance in your photos

If you are interested in photography you will know that raw pictures do not always produce the desired results. Sometimes you need a little editing to make the photo more natural. It might seem contradictory but sometimes cameras have too much of this or too much of that which...


How to activate Microsoft Office 2019/2016

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular office software suites and the 2019 edition adds improved security and several new features.

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