Google X reveals health-tracking wristband for patients


Google X, arguably the most interesting division of the tech company, has just revealed a new health-tracking wristband that is aimed at patients and clinical trials. The device will not be made available to the general public but will instead be applied in clinical research and medical treatments so that doctors can have real-time information on how their patients are doing at any given time.

The wristband will continuously monitor the patient’s pulse, heart rhythm, temperature and will also be able to collect information about the surround environment including light expose, noise levels and more. The important thing to note here is that the data will be collected continuously which means that the doctors can always be up-to-date with what is happening and deal with issues accordingly.

The team has created the wearable from scratch for the medical industry and they hope that it can be prescribed to patients in difficult situations. As is the case with many Google products, there are several issues to solve before the device can actually go into production, especially if they hope for it to be prescribed in medical facilities. Still, Google says it will work closely with the medical and pharmaceutical industries in order to create a viable version that can be used by any patient with trials starting sometime this summer.