Google will merge Android and Chrome OS


Chrome OS, the operating system that revolves around cloud services such as Google Apps, and Android, the mobile OS that currently rules very comfortably as far as market share is concerned, will be combined into one according to a new report by WSJ. Further tech publications have since confirmed the fact, along with some more details on the reasons behind it.

The move may seem strange at first considering the fact that Chrome OS has been pretty successful in the niche market it has targeted thus far. However, various small moves from Google in regards to both Android and Chrome OS reveal a much different picture. The most obvious example of all is the Pixel C convertible laptop which uses Android instead of Chrome OS. Sundar Pichai, the man who now holds almost every part of Google on his hands, has traditionally favored bridging the two operating systems so even the timing is not very surprising.

Google will most likely make an announcement sometime this year, perhaps with a demonstration at the annual Google I/O conference. It is doubtful that the combined OS will arrive before 2017 but glimpses and previews during the next year should give us a clue of what to expect. For instance, Chrome OS could be added as an extra, online-only mode of Android that could be used by people who want to get some work done in a barebones environment. Only time will tell, however, so be patient until Google announces something solid.