Google releases image-based Bookmark Manager


Do you remember Google Stars, the company’s fancy bookmark manager extension? Well, it looks like Google has actually released the extension with an entirely new and a lot more boring name by way of “Bookmark Manager” in the Chrome Web Store. It looks like this is not a beta and that the company will actually keep it around this time too.

In case you have never heard of the thing before, it is an image-based, feature-rich bookmark manager that aims to completely change the way you view and manage your bookmarks. It looks a lot like Opera’s new bookmark manager too as all of your bookmarks will now get images to go along with them. Google’s offering also lets you put everything in manual or automatic folders and provides a search feature powered by Google that actually looks at both bookmark names and content to give you better results.

After using it for a while, I can say that it looks really nice and clean and the search feature is actually brilliant. However, it is definitely not as quick as accessing your bookmarks from the bookmark bar and I would really like an option to actually set the thing as the New Tab page. As an avid Chrome user that frequently needs to visit bookmarked websites, I can see the appeal here but Google needs to work on some things before convincing me to change.

If you would like to try the extension too, you can get it right here.