Google making a Project Tango tablet


Back in February we talked about Project Tango, Google’s smartphone with 3D mapping capabilities and everything they had in store for the project. Now, Google has started developing a tablet version of Project Tango that will have advanced 3D mapping and vision capabilities.

The tablet will be equipped with a multitude of sensors that include two back cameras, depth sensors and Google-developed software that can capture “precise three-dimensional images of objects”. The general philosophy is the same as the Tango smartphone, including the part about it being limited to developers with a vision.

Rumor has it that Google will produce around 4,000 of these devices that might be released before the company’s annual dev conference at the end of June. Project Tango was a huge success in the developer community and I have no doubt that the tablet version will be the same. The next few months will definitely be interesting for the 3D mapping space so check back with us for more.