Google lends robotic expertise to Foxconn


Anyone familiar with the tech world should have, at the very least, heard about Foxconn. In case you have not, it is only the world’s biggest electronics manufacturer. The Taiwanese company probably makes a lot of the products you are using like video gaming consoles, iPhones, Kindles, smartphones of all kinds and a lot more devices. In an effort to help boost production and incorporate more robotic elements in the factories, Google’s very own Andy Rubin recently met with Foxconn chairman Terry Gou.

The two talked about speeding up robot deployment at Hon Hai factories and how Google could integrate their own engineering companies in the mix later on. The tech giant is heavily invested in robotics, after all, with a lot of new projects coming up soon enough. One quick look at some of the projects in Google’s secretive Google X facility show that the company truly believes in an automated feature. Of course, the debate about robots versus human labor has not stopped and a lot of people do not appreciate this move by Google. All I know is that trying to stop progress of this kind is futile and companies will obviously try to find more ways to increase productivity while reducing costs.