FoxGlove, Google Apps wrapped around Firefox


If you like the look of Google’s own web browser, Chrome, and you love the power of Firefox, then we might have something for you. Oh, I forgot to add the most important part, how about having all those Google Apps that you use day by day under a small portable Firefox browser. Well, FoxGlove does all that and fits into your USB stick perfectly without interfering with any Firefox installation.

FoxGlove comes with the Firefox engine under the hood and also, it has the following add-ons installed: AdBlocker Plus, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Gears and comes with Google Toolbar. Of course the list of add-on is bigger than that, we just wanted to agive you a preview of this lovely browser, FoxGlove.

You can take it from a spin and download it right now

Via LifeHacker