Font Previewer for Windows 8: View fonts on the spot


Font Previewer for Windows 8 is a simple freeware application that allows you to quickly and easily preview a variety of different fonts in your PC.

Installation & Requirements

As the name would suggest, the application is only available in Windows 8x. If you click the link on our website while on a Windows 8x PC, you will be taken to the application’s store page where you can easily install it. There are no additional requirements for the program to run.


The application adopts a very neat Windows 8x feel that that really follows Microsoft’s own design guidelines for its Modern apps. Wh en you open it, it will automatically show you a text that reads “This is cool” in all the different available fonts. You can scroll through all of them with your mouse as they move left to right.

Of course, what you probably want to do is customize everything and the application provides all the necessary tools for that. Users can enter their desired text into the TextBox field, choose a font and background color, adjust the font size, highlight the text in bold or italics and select each and every one of the fonts they would like to preview individually. This is incredibly useful when you only want to compare a couple of fonts and you do not want everything else to distract you.

Although these customization options are pretty great, the application also has a second UI which is a bit more hidden. Over there you can enter your text, adjust the size and select a single font to view. It is obviously not as comprehensive, complex or advanced as the main interface but it can still be pretty great if you want to see how large fields of text would look like as there is nothing in the black background that can possibly distract you.

All-around performance is pretty great and the application boots and operates with no hitch at all.  There are some minor annoyances in the interface like how the fonts seem to disappear into the background and you can only move them with your mouse so a few more options would certainly be welcome. Moreover, there is no option to save your settings so you will have to adjust things like color manually. That particular item would not be that bad except for the fact that colors have to be picked manually via slider so the process can certainly get tedious quickly.


-Great Modern UI
-Plenty of customization options to choose from
-Two different layouts


-Cannot save settings
-A few annoying design choices


Font Previewer for Windows 8 certainly lives up to its name and additionally provides the user with an elegant interface that can really bring the best out of the fonts. There are definitely some things that keep it from perfection but if you can look past them then you have a great tool in your hands.

User Interface
Ease of Use