First FAA-approved drone delivers medicine in rural Virginia


Despite what many think, the FAA does not believe drones are the spawn of Satan. The fact is that the aviation agency is right to think that drones are dangerous as witnessed by the number of recorded incidents already. And even though their regulation process is slower than what we may want, the FAA has now started to approve drones for official uses.

The first ever FAA-approved drone flight was used in rural Virginia this past Friday in order to deliver medicine to a local clinic. That clinic was a temporary one that only really exists during the county’s fairgrounds and it services a whole lot of people without being properly stocked. Getting the medicine to the clinic by car would have taken approximately 90 minutes, not to mention that the roads were blocked by patients who were waiting for care. Instead, the drone quickly flew over the rough terrain and delivered the medicine without issue.

The breakthrough here is that this was an approved flight from an arm of the U.S. government and it signals the way to the future. While Amazon drone deliveries would definitely be cool and all, I would be perfectly content with drones being used for specific situations only, such as this one. Drones have too many practical uses to stay in obscurity and the FAA really needs to work with the public faster in order to make this a common practice.