FireFox Nebula Wallpaper: the best FireFox wallpaper ever


I’m not a big fan of customizing my desktop, usually I choose a simple, easy on the eye wallpaper and I stick with it for months. Well, I can’t say the FireFox Nebula wallpaper is easy on the eye, but boy, it’s wonderful. I was stunned by this wallpaper and I don’t think there will be someone who won’t like this beauty, Firefox fan or not.

I guess I have a new wallpaper and I have a feeling I’m gonna impress some people in our small hq here. We also uploaded the nebula wallpaper, so you don’t have a hard time downloading it. Also, you can click on the image for a full view.

Download the FireFox Nebula Wallapper (right click on this link and choose “Save Link As”)

  • Luther

    Hi, I’m glad you enjoy it, I’ve done it 🙂 The very saturated colors depend on the fact I use a photographic image of SH 2188 Planetary Nebula with very long exposure that it is very similar to firefox logo (mixed with another nearby nebula) …

  • •SAdvisor

    not that i’m a Mozilla Firefox fan (although i used to be) i have to admit: that’s the best Firefox wallpaper yet.


    deep creativity of a flight of expression! FIREFOX NEBULA depicts the inner sanctum of a universe fantasy…

  • kuriboh

    WOW, AWSOME! When i first saw this, i immediately set it as desktop wallpaper. Wonderful job!

  • hello Cezar,
    i myself running a wallpapers website but as i am one of Firefox fans, i have saved this wallpaper and set it as my desktop background! 😀

    loved it mate, many thanks for sharing!


  • Ronald Weazley

    Nice! For a minute i thought it was real and wondered if that’s how the firefox logo came about until i saw it bigger.

  • Shebabu

    if the earth was a little more dustier then it would’ve looked real

  • its nice connection………………………

  • Vicaedaemonfrahelvede


  • Josh

    Does this have copyright so I can put it on my school netbook?????

    • vexx

      you can use it with no problem

  • Catfatbat768

    This is awesome!