Europe’s Spotify royalties stand 13% higher than iTunes


Whether you are for or against music streaming, you cannot deny the success it has found, at least in the western scene. The biggest debate regarding streaming services is whether artists get enough money through them and whether smaller and independent musicians can actually benefit from them. It looks like a very solid answer to the first question can be answered right now according to data provided by Kobalt.

Kobalt is a company that collects music royalties from a huge list of artists, including current Billboard Top 10 ones and other extremely popular artists like Bob Dylan and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis so their statistics are probably quite solid. What the company says is that the revenue for their clients on Spotify is 13% higher than on iTunes which is a pretty huge margin considering just how big iTunes is.

Although these statistics are derived from two single services, we can safely assume that they are the biggest in their respective fields and so this information is reliable. After all, we already know that iTunes’ music sales are decreasing while music streaming services like Spotify have doubled or tripled their user base and revenue in the last year alone. As a fan of both music streaming and digital sales, this is definitely a strange but very interesting time indeed.